Friday, October 30, 2015

More of Morocco

A few more photos from the field!

There are two Donkeys under there!

Palm Tree and the Toarcian OAE!

Field team in wet weather

Our ride got stuck!

Amazing lithiotids!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Early Jurassic in Morocco

Hi all, sorry for the radio silence, this fall has been an insane semester with very little time for blogging. That said, I have carved out a little bit of time for fieldwork (hazzah!) so this week I am in Morocco to check out some reefs in the Early Jurassic carbonates here.

I landed yesterday evening and am now waiting for my colleagues to arrive so we can get on the road, until then, here are some shots from the flight over and my first few hours here.

The Mediterranean Sea, out the (streaky) airplane window

Awesome erosion!

Barrage el Wadha (?)

I arrived a day early so I had to stay in this very nice villa to wait for my colleagues. 

Loving the views!