Friday, August 30, 2013

Off to Europe...

Hello, welcome to my blog! I am a paleontologist and carbonate sedimentologist (find out more about me on my webpage: I specialize in Late Triassic (~235-201 million year old) and Early Jurassic (201-174 million year old) reef ecosystems, the Triassic-Jurassic mass extinction, the Toarcian ocean anoxic event (T OAE, ~183 Ma), and Mesozoic carbon cycle perturbations that may have caused some of the major ecosystem turnovers during these time intervals.  I love my job and enjoy hunting for fossils and studying ancient ecosystems!

Tomorrow I'm off the Slovenia and then Italy to study some Early Jurassic reef fossils! I'll be updating the blog with photos as frequently as possible (there may be patchy internet), so hopefully a few people will tag along!


Working on Triassic fossils in Austria,  Summer 2009