Sunday, June 12, 2016

Slovenian Karst and Nerdiness

Today we worked hard an played hard.... specifically, we got nerdy about Karst! The term Karst comes from the "Kras" region of Slovenia so we are in the perfect place!

Check out this amazing Karst!

Deep crevasses!

Nick is about 6'3"... he's pretty tall....

Until he jumps into one of the karst gullies

The scenery is lovely too!

View over the Vipava Valley

After the karst, we drove down to the Adriatic Sea to dip our toes in the Mediterranean. Here is the View over Isola, Slovenia towards Italy.

Mussels growing in the harbour!

Piran, Slovenia (an old Venetian city)

I was so proud of my student, after taking in the views, he had to stop and look at the kart pisoids in the boulders!

Tomorrow, we have to get to work cutting rocks. No more nerdy tourism sadly.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Slovenian field work 2016

This week we are in Slovenia collecting rocks for Nick's MSc thesis. It is so very different from Morocco, instead of Tagine, we have pasta and steak, instead of mint tea, beer and espresso, and instead of scorching heat, we have rain.... oh so much rain.

The snails and worms are very happy though!

As are the wildflowers!

There are some beautiful oolites in Slovenia; here is an intraclast-rich oolite!

The one similarity is the age of the limestones (Early Jurassic) and the fact that the scenery is stellar!

Nick and his section's namesake, Kovk town (pronounced "COKE")

Far over the misty mountains....

Trees snapped from a bad winter storm.

Hardground and brachiopods

Side view of the hardground.

I swear my equipment always breaks in Slovenia!

Far in the distance is the Adriatic Sea!

Stunning encrinites, those little star shapes are crinoid ossicles!

Better weather means nicer photos and happier geologists!

This part of Slovenia is very Austrian...

This is the traditional way to dry hay!

Sampling the limestones here is not easy. Nick is a trooper and has an impressive swing with a sledgehammer!

rock chips = cuts

We got stuck behind a logging truck, but watching "the claw" was pretty fun!

Classic karst!

Vipava Valley, many vineyards! :)

Monday, June 6, 2016


Today we drove back from Dades Valley to Marrakech!

Here are some shots of the trip!

The Dades Valley is Stunning! 

My student, Nick, and I

The boys on the top of the mountain!

The Tiska Pass!

My favorite valley view!

Prepping samples for transport!
Stéphane proving he is a Longhorn!

Marrakech Market

Raph holding a snake