Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Lab Group Love

Over the years I have had the absolute pleasure to work with some amazing people here at UT Austin. With my first PhD student graduating this year, I thought it would be fun to look at how the lab group has changed over the years!

Martindale Lab 2018/2019 
This year we took the photo during exam week so unfortunately, we are missing half the crew. 
Left to Right: Dr. Drew Muscente (Postdoc), Sean Kacur (Undergraduate honors student), Dr. Rowan Martindale (PI), Dr. Anna Weiss (freshly minted Doctor of Philosophy!)

Martindale Lab 2017/2018
Left to Right: Mackenzie White (Undergrad researcher), Rebecca Ryan (Undergrad researcher), Anna Weiss (PhD Student), Dr. Rowan Martindale (PI), Sean Kacur (Undergrad honors student), Jordan Oefinger (Undergrad researcher), Brooke Bogan  (Undergrad researcher).
Martindale Lab 2016/2017

Left to Right: Dr. Rowan Martindale (PI), Walker Weiss (Undergrad thesis student), Hannah Brame (PhD Student), Kelly Hattori (MSc Student), Anna Weiss (PhD Student), Nick Ettinger (MSc Student), Dr. William Foster (Postdoc).
Martindale Lab 2015/2016
Left to Right: Nick Ettinger (MSc Student), Anna Weiss (PhD Student), Selva Marroquín (MSc Student), Dr. Rowan Martindale (PI), Kelly Hattori (MSc Student), Chiara Tornabene (MSc Student), Dr. William Foster (Postdoc).

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