Friday, May 26, 2017


The last few days of field work were spent near Errachidia. We were working on this lovely sections here:

Some lovely snails!

And limestones that are "chok-a-blok" with bivalves!

Here is a beautiful bedding plane with our large lithiotid bivalves!

What an amazing surface!

And a lovely cross section!

We took some silly photos with this nice little outcrop.

Look at this amazing exposure surface!

Dasyclad algae!

These are some of the largest oncoids I have ever seen!

So big!

 And some lovely phaceloid corals as well!

We then stepped up the section to look at the post Oceanic Anoxic Event communities. 

Along the sheep trail we found a little local artwork...

Lithology for days!

This little hill was full of beautiful fossils!

 Check out these beauties!
Ctenostreon rugosum

Plagiostoma giganteum with some serpulid epibionts 
Plagiostoma giganteum 

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