Sunday, May 28, 2017

Graduation 2017

Today marks another auspicious day for the Martindale Lab! Today we have two Master's students (Kelly Hattori and Nick Ettinger) and and two fabulous undergraduates (Maria Reistroffer and Walker Wiese).

Kelly Hattori with Charlie Kerans and I (co-advisors); Kelly's MSc was on a Cretaceous coral reef from Arizona!

Nick Ettinger with Charlie Kerans and I (co-advisors); Nick's MSc was on the Toacian Oceanic Anoxic Event in Slovenia.

Nick and Kelly

The carbonates crew (plus Simon)

Walker worked on an undergraduate thesis on Caribbean coral reefs.

Maria's undergraduate thesis was on the recovery from the end-Permian mass extinction.

Congratulations class of 2017!

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